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Table 4 Critical appraisal of RCT using Cochrane Collaboration guidelines

From: Relationship between family caregiver burden and physical frailty in older adults without dementia: a systematic review

  A B C D E F
Study Adequate sequence generation Adequate allocation concealment Adequate blinding Incomplete outcome data addressed Free of selective reporting Free of other bias
Faes 2011 [29] + + + +
  1. A - Did the allocation sequence involve a random component or minimization?
  2. B - Was allocation adequately concealed, e.g., through central allocation?
  3. C - Were participants and key study personnel reliably blinded and/or it was unlikely that outcome measurement would be influenced by lack of blinding?
  4. D - Was incomplete outcome data adequately addressed?
  5. E - Are reports of the study free of suggestions of selective reporting, e.g., the protocol is available and all outcomes were reported in a prespecified way?
  6. F - Was the study apparently free of other problems that could put it at a risk of bias?