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Table 5 Human resources required

From: Five shared decision-making tools in 5 months: use of rapid reviews to develop decision boxes for seniors living with dementia and their caregivers

Role Training and expertise Responsibilities
Principal investigator, project supervisor and coordinator (2 days/week) PhD ecotoxicology; professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine; systematic review author; Cochrane-certified trainer for systematic review authors Plan the review process
Train team members in systematic reviewing (in groups and individually)
Organize team meetings
Liaise with the graphic designer
Critically revise all DB content
Project coordinator Research associate (pharmacist, PhD epidemiology) with experience in the conduct of one systematic review Act as primary resource to all team members
Liaise with the biostatistician
Transform probabilities
Revise the GRADE assessments
Reviewers (n = 10) 4 undergraduate students (1 in psychology, 3 in medicine)
2 PhD students (psychology, clinical and biomedical sciences); each of them with experience in the conduct of one systematic review
1 postdoctoral fellow (PhD neuropsychology) with experience in the conduct of one systematic review
3 research assistants (PhD nutrition sciences, MSc public health, PhD epidemiology)
Conduct all review steps
Liaise with information specialist
Work in teams for larger DBs
Graphic designer Specialization in the design of professional training and health promotion materials Prepare the final graphic version of each DB
Biostatistician MSc biostatistics Confirm data transformation
(n = 10)
5 healthcare providers: 1 physician (geriatrician), 2 nursing experts, 1 pharmacist, 1 social worker
1 informal caregiver
2 managers of community-based or institutional organizations
Provide input and make suggestions to improve the DBs