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Table 1 Impact of certification standards for shared decision-making tools on the review process

From: Five shared decision-making tools in 5 months: use of rapid reviews to develop decision boxes for seniors living with dementia and their caregivers

Selected standards for the certification of shared decision-making tools (IPDAS) Impact on the review process
The tool describes the options available for the index decision (level 1). Several interventions need to be reviewed to design a single shared decision-making tool.
The tool describes the positive and negative features of each option in equal detail (levels 1 and 2). Less robust sources of information need to be used when there is a lack of evidence or detail (e.g., harms of an intervention).
The tool allows users to compare the negative and positive features of available options (level 3). All probabilities need to be transformed into absolute risks with a common denominator, to allow the comparison of benefits and harms, as well as the various options.
The tool enables the comparison of outcome probabilities using the same denominator (level 3).