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Table 1 Sample search strategy

From: Non-pharmacological interventions designed to reduce health risks due to unhealthy eating behaviour and linked risky or excessive drinking in adults aged 18–25 years: a systematic review protocol

1. (multi* adj2 health* adj2 behavio?r*).ti,ab.
2. (multi* adj2 unhealth* adj2 behavio?r*).ti,ab.
3. (multi* adj2 risk* adj2 behavio?r*).ti,ab.
4. (co?variat* adj5 behavio?r*).ti,ab.
5. (cluster* adj2 health* adj2 behavio?r*).ti,ab.
6. (cluster* adj2 unhealth* adj2 behavio?r*).ti,ab.
7. (cluster* adj2 risk* adj2 behavio?r*).ti,ab.
8. (risk-taking adj2 behavio?r*).ti,ab.
9. risk-taking/
10. or/1-9
11. exp Alcohol Drinking/
12. exp alcoholic beverages/
13. alcoholic intoxication/
14. (alcohol* adj2 (abuse* or misuse* or use* or consum* or drink* or excess* or problem* or risk*)).mp.
15. alcohol*.mp.
16. ((binge or problem* or risk* or excess*) adj2 drink*).mp.
17. ((hazardous or unsafe or unhealthy) adj2 drink*).mp.
18. drunk*.mp.
19. (intoxicat* adj4 (drink* or alcohol*)).mp.
20. (wine or beer or spirits).mp.
21. or/11-20
22. exp overweight/
23. exp overnutrition/or hyperphagia/
24. exp “Body Weights and Measures”/
25. Food preferences/
26. *Feeding Behavior/or exp Food habits/
27. Energy Intake/
28. fast foods/or carbonated beverages/
29. (obes* or over?weight or over?nutrition).ti,ab.
30. (excess adj2 weight).ti,ab.
31. ((eat* or food* or feed*) adj2 (behavio?r* or excessive* or choice? or pattern? or habit? or preference?)).ti,ab.
32. (body adj2 (mass or size or weight)).ti,ab.
33. (diet* or nutrition).ti,ab.
34. over?eat*.mp.
35. (under?weight or under?nutrition or under?eat).ti,ab.
36. (unhealth* adj2 (diet* or eating or food*)).mp.
37. ((vegetable* or fruit) adj2 (eat* or intake or consum* or portion* or serving? or frequenc* or number? or preference? or choice*)).mp.
38. (((junk or fast or unhealthy or choice? or processed) adj2 food*) or fastfood).mp.
39. (calorie-dense adj2 (food? or beverage? or drink?)).mp.
40. (convenien* adj2 (food* or meal*)).mp.
41. (excess* adj2 (fat* or salt* or sugar*)).mp.
42. (energy adj1 intake).mp.
43. (poor adj2 diet).mp.
44. snack*.mp.
45. (((fizzy or sugary) adj2 drink*) or soda or coca-cola or coke or cola or pop).mp.
46. (take?away or take?out or carry?out).mp.
47. (((frozen or ready or TV or television) adj2 meal?) or ((TV or television) adj2 dinner?)).mp.
48. ((portion or serving) adj2 size?).mp.
49. or/22-48
50. Young Adult/
51. (young adj2 (adult? or person?)).mp.
52. ((college* or university) adj2 student?).mp.
53. late-teen*.mp.
54. early-adult*.mp.
55. (adolescen* or youth* or undergraduate* or freshmen or fresher? or teen* or student?).mp.
56. or/50-55
57. intervention?.mp.
58. (weightloss or (weight adj2 (reduc* or loss))).mp.
59. ((decreas* or reduc*) adj2 (alcohol* or drink*)).mp.
60. ((improve* or health*) adj2 (diet* or food? or choice?)).mp.
61. Health Promotion/
62. Health behavior/
63. Primary prevention/
64. Secondary prevention/
65. *risk reduction behavior/
66. (health adj1 (promot* or protect*)).mp.
67. ((modif* or chang*) adj5 (behavio?r* or habit*)).mp.
68. (early adj2 therap*).mp.
69. prevent*.mp.
70. (person* adj2 feedback).mp.
71. or/57-70
72. ((10 and 21) or (10 and 49) or (21 and 49)) and 56 and 71
73. adult/not (adult/and (young adult/or adolescent/))
74. 72 not 73
  1. *represents the PubMed symbol for truncation