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Table 3 Key informant interviews: uses of rapid products and standard systematic reviews

From: Fit for purpose: perspectives on rapid reviews from end-user interviews

Use Evidence inventory Rapid response Rapid review Systematic review
For broad topic areas/population issues     X
To inform research agenda     X
For in-depth understanding of a topic area     X
For guideline or recommendation development    X X
For guideline/recommendation updates or new issues subsequent to a guideline/recommendation    X X
For coverage decisions    X X
For organizational or policy change    X X
For implementation    X X
For quick decisions    X  
When no previous SR or guidance exists    X  
For “hot” or timely topics X X   
In area with limited literature X X   
To understand depth and/or breadth of evidence e.g., evidence maps X X   
To clarify whether a review is already available X X   
To ignite/catalyze change or challenge the status quo X X