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Table 1 Overview of outcomes extracted for IDP analyses and the role of the variable in moderator analysis

From: Rational and design of an individual participant data meta-analysis of spinal manipulative therapy for chronic low back pain—a protocol

Domain Assessment instruments/measurements scales Exploratory/confirmatory moderator analysis
Primary outcomes
Pain e.g., Visual Analog Scale Numerical Rating Scale, Aberdeen Back Pain Scale Confirmatory (the baseline measurement of pain)
Physical functioning e.g., Oswestry Disability Index, Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire Confirmatory (the baseline measurement of physical functioning)
Secondary outcomes
 Recovery Global assessment  
 Return-to-work e.g., numbers of days of work absenteeism, number of participants that returned to work  
 Quality of life Short Form-36 Item Health Survey, EuroQol (EQ5D) Confirmatory (the baseline measurement of quality of life)
 Satisfaction Satisfaction with treatment Satisfaction with outcome  
 Reduction in frequency of analgesic use