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Table 2 Characteristics of included studies

From: Consideration of health inequalities in systematic reviews: a mapping review of guidance

Guidance Focus Purpose Scope Place of publication Open access HI defined
Equity Generic Systematic
Intervention studies Other Planning Conduct Reporting Applicability Knowledge
Article Book Chapter Online only
Armstrong et al. [37]a             
Armstrong et al. [38]a             
Chambers and Wilson [39]               
CRD [40]               
Doull et al. [22]b e            
Doull et al. (25)b e           
Puil et al. [24]b e           
Welch et al. [23]b e            
NIHR CLAHRC North West Coast [26] f   g       
Nasser et al. [27]              
O’Neill et al. [12]           
Oxman et al. [28]             
Tugwell et al. [29]c            
Ueffing E et al. [30]c           
Tugwell et al. [31]              
Welch et al. [32]d            
Welch et al. [33]d            
Burford et al. [34]d            
Welch et al. [35] e,f              h
Welch et al. [36]            
  1. aGuidance from the Cochrane Collaboration
  2. bDoull et al. [22] report on three guidance documents [2325] within the same study
  3. cReport on the Cochrane Equity Checklist [29]
  4. dReport on the PRISMA-Equity 2012 Extension [32]
  5. eSex and gender focus
  6. fSocioeconomic focus
  7. gApplied research, evidence synthesis, capacity building and knowledge exchange and implementation
  8. hHI defined, SES/sex and gender not defined