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Table 3 Example of recordkeeping for executing the search

From: Exploring issues in the conduct of website searching and other online sources for systematic reviews: how can we be systematic?

Name of resource Searcher Date searched Date of last access (if different) Pathway followed, e.g. browsed headings/searched site/database within website (use separate lines for the different types of searches) Used predefined keywords ‘Y’ Notes
Alzheimer’s Society Research CS 3/3/15   Browsed ongoing and completed research on the topic of ‘Towards better care for people with dementia’   
3/3/15   browsed ‘living with dementia’ research articles  
3/3/15   Searched dementia catalogue—subject: hospital admissions, hospital discharges Y
3/3/15   Searched dementia catalogue-free text: transition, transitions or transfer  
Rehabdata CS 3/3/15   Searched descriptor field: Hospitals AND (Psychiatry OR Psychiatric Rehabilitation) AND 1999–2015 Y