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Table 4 Map of methodological guidance for conducting overviews

From: What guidance is available for researchers conducting overviews of reviews of healthcare interventions? A scoping review and qualitative metasummary

Topic area CHF CMIMG CPHG DukeU EPOC EPPI JBI NOKC TCD UBirm WHU WJNR Frequency effect size
Guidance related to the context for conducting overviews (i.e., when and why should you conduct an overview?)
 Choosing between conducting an overview and a SR              2/12
 What types of questions about healthcare interventions can be answered using the overview format?         7/12
 Questions to consider before deciding to conduct an overview          6/12
 Author team composition and roles           4/12
 Target audience of the overview        8/12
Guidance related to the process of conducting overviews (i.e., how do you conduct an overview?)
 Specifying the scope    10/12
 Searching for SRs   11/12
 Selecting SRs for inclusion          6/12
 Should an overview include non-Cochrane SRs?       9/12
 Assessing quality of included SRs 12/12
 Collecting and presenting data on descriptive characteristics of included SRs (and their primary studies)           6/12
 Collecting and presenting data on quality of primary studies contained within included SRs         7/12
 Collecting, analyzing, and presenting outcome data         7/12
 Assessing quality of evidence of outcome data         6/12
 Interpreting outcome data and drawing conclusions              3/12
 Intensity effect size 13/15 15/15 3/15 9/15 8/15 11/15 11/15 8/15 10/15 3/15 5/15 8/15