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Table 2 Characteristics of included guidance documents (52 documents produced by 19 research groups)

From: What guidance is available for researchers conducting overviews of reviews of healthcare interventions? A scoping review and qualitative metasummary

  Documents that contain explicit methodological guidance for conducting overviews (41 documents produced by 12 research groups) Documents that describe an author team’s experience conducting one or more published overviews (11 documents produced by 9 research groups)
Research group Number of documents (Additional file 3 references) Years documents were produced Document formats Number of documents (Additional file 3 references) Years documents were produced Document formats
Cochrane Child Health Field (CHF) 11a
2010–2015 6 oral presentationsa, 2 internal documents, 2 posters, 1 journal article 2
(A42, A43)
2011–2013 1 journal article, 1 poster
Cochrane Comparing Multiple Interventions Methods Group (CMIMG) 18a
(A1, A6, A7, A12–A26)
2008–2015 10 oral presentationsa, 5 internal documents, 1 journal article, 1 book chapter, 1 website
Cochrane Consumers and Communication Review Group (CCRG) 1
2009 1 journal article
Cochrane Effective Practice and Organization of Care Review Group (EPOC) 1
2011 1 oral presentation 2
(A45, A46)
2011–2015 1 oral presentation, 1 poster
Cochrane Musculoskeletal Review Group (CM) 1
2010 1 poster
Cochrane Public Health Group (CPHG) 1
2014 1 journal article
Cochrane Stroke Group (CS) 1
2015 1 oral presentation
Duke University (DukeU) 1
2012 1 journal article
Dutch Cochrane Centre (DCC) 1
2009 1 poster
Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co-ordinating Centre (EPPI) 2
(A30, A31)
2015 1 journal article, 1 oral presentation
Joanna Briggs Institute Umbrella Reviews Methodology Group (JBI) 4
2007–2015 2 internal documents, 1 journal article, 1 book chapter
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Health Technology Assessment (LBI) 1
2015 1 journal article
Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services (NOKC) 1
2013 1 book chapter
Pontifical Xavierian University (PXU) 1
2011 1 poster
Trinity College Dublin (TCD) 1
2011 1 journal article
University of Birmingham (UBirm) 1
2012 1 journal article
University of Dundee (UDun) 1
2004 1 journal article
Western Journal of Nursing Research (WJNR) 1
2014 1 editorial
Witten/Herdecke University (WHU) 2
(A40, A41)
2014 2 journal articles
  1. aThree documents are counted twice because they were produced by authors affiliated with both of these groups (Additional file 3, references A1, A6, and A7). For these three documents, guidance presented by DC, LAB, and RMF was extracted into the CMIMG category, and guidance presented by DT, LH, and MF was extracted into the CHF category