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Table 1 Case study A: comparison of PI(E)CO (population, intervention (exposure), comparator, outcome) criteria between the identified systematic review (Alashaik et al. [8]) and our own new review (Haller et al. [6])

From: Use of existing systematic reviews for evidence assessments in infectious disease prevention: a comparative case study

  Alshaik et al. [8] Own new review (Haller et al. [6])
Population Very low birth weight (VLBW) infants Neonates (no restrictions regarding birth weight or gestational age)
Exposure Culture-proven sepsis Sepsis
Comparator Not explicitly mentioned No sepsis
Outcome Moderate to severe neuro developmental impairment, including at least one of the following: cerebral palsy, cognitive delay (cognitive score 2SD < mean), vision loss, deafness Any neurodevelopmental outcome