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Table 6 Tabular presentation of the scores of the Joanna Briggs Institute critical appraisal tool of prevalence and incidence data [35, 59]a

From: Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of orthodontic mini implants in clinical practice: a systematic review

  1. Critical appraisal criteria for quantitative studies [35]: (1) Was the sample representative of the target population? (2) Were study participants recruited in an appropriate way? (3) Was the sample size adequate? (4) Were the study subjects and the setting described in detail? (5) Was the data analysis conducted with sufficient coverage of the identified sample? (6) Were objective, standard criteria used for the measurement of the condition? (7) Was the condition measured reliably? (8) Was there appropriate statistical analysis? (9) Are all important confounding factors/subgroups/differences identified and accounted for? (10) Were subpopulations identified using objective criteria? Critical appraisal scores: yes no unclear not applicable