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Table 2 Data extraction fields for synthesis

From: Eliciting women’s cervical screening preferences: a mixed methods systematic review protocol

Study details Eligibility Study design Clinical/decision-making issues Summary
Author, year
Reference ID
Publication type (i.e., full report or abstract)
Country of corresponding author
Sources of funding
Ethical considerations (approval from committee, informed consent, positive risk/benefit assessment)
Direct enquiry with women considering screening (18+ years)
Preferences elicited (options presented, women indicate most favored option)
Methodological characteristics/epidemiological design
Time period
Method of recruitment
Method of data collection
Method of data analysis
Theoretical frameworks
Concept definitions
Method/procedure of preference elicitation (and/or values clarification)
Design process of preference elicitation/values clarification technique(s)
Results (preferred option, strength of preferred option, evaluation of preference eliciting technique)
Total number of participants
Objective 1: magnitude and significance; study-specific conceptions
Objective 2: magnitude and significance; study-specific conceptions
Authors’ overall conclusions
Quality assessment
Reviewer’s comments