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Table 1 Eligibility criteria for studies in systematic review

From: Eliciting women’s cervical screening preferences: a mixed methods systematic review protocol

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
- Participants: women aged ≥18 years
- Assessment of women’s cervical screening preferences, either current or hypothetical
- Investigation of decision-making needs of women who are considering cervical cancer screening
- Both qualitative and quantitative study designs
- Interventions targeting health care providers, policy-makers (e.g., program decision-makers), or technical aspects of cervical cancer screening or treatment
- Reports of interventions that aim to increase cervical screening uptake in which the content of the intervention was not described or evaluated
- Studies reporting predictors of cervical screening uptake that are not related to a decision-making process
- Opinion pieces
- Studies that do not adequately report the study design, methods, and interpretation of the research
- Studies that do not clearly demonstrate ethical conduct or ethical reporting of research