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Table 3 Operational partners' perceptions of report content

From: User survey finds rapid evidence reviews increased uptake of evidence by Veterans Health Administration leadership to inform fast-paced health-system decision-making

How would you describe the scope of the report?
 About right 81 %
 Too narrow 19 %
To what extent do you agree or disagree with the findings of the report?
 Agree 69 %
 Strongly agree 31 %
How do the ESP reports you’ve read compare with other evidence sources?
 Compare equally/similar 56 %
 Prefer ESP for VA focus 12.5 %
 No opinion 19 %
 Other (eg, acknowledge benefits of different products) 12.5 %
Do characteristics of RR limit the usefulness of the report?a
 No 53 %
 Maybe 33 %
 No opinion 14 %
 Yes 0 %
Without RR, how would you have addressed your research need?a,b
 Clinical/expert opinion 40 %
 Nothing--would have had to make decision without evidence review 20 %
 Used other evidence source 27 %
  1. a N = 15 for these measures--missing responses for one report
  2. bRespondents could select multiple options for this item. Here we listed the most frequent responses.