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Table 1 A summary of selected physiological qualities and game-specific skills needed in rugby and the corresponding test(s)

From: A systematic review protocol investigating tests for physical or physiological qualities and game-specific skills commonly used in rugby and related sports and their psychometric properties

Construct Test(s)
1. Physical/motor or physiological qualities  
 a. Muscular strength and power  
  • Upper body muscular strength 3 repetition maximum bench press [19]; 2-kg medicine ball throw [58]
  • Upper body strength endurance Bench press with repetitions [19]; flexed-arm hang test [36]
  • Lower body explosive power Vertical jump test [19]; standing broad jump [44]; countermovement jump test [26]
  • Lower body muscular strength 3 repetition maximum full-body squat [19]
  • Abdominal strength Sit-up test [59]
 b. Speed/acceleration 10- and 30-m running test [28]; 10- and 40-m sprint test [23]; 20-m sprint test [18]
 c. Agility Illinois test [34]; t test [44]; change of direction speed [26]; zigzag run test [26, 36]
  • Reactive agility Reactive agility test [27]
 d. Flexibility Sit and reach test [5]; adapted sit and reach [36]
 e. Aerobic capacity Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test [19]; 20-m multistage endurance run [59]; multistage fitness test [23]
  • Speed endurance Repetitive sprint test [26]; repeated 20-m sprint test [23]; repeated 12-s sprint shuttle test [23]; speed endurance test (test of Halzadine and McNab) [36]
2. Rugby-specific skills  
 a. Ground skills ability Pick up and place test [34]
 b. Passing 4-m passing for accuracy test [59]; 7-m passing for distance ability test [28]
 c. Kicking Kicking ability test [28]; place kicking test; air and ground kicking ability test [36]
 d. Catching Catching ability test while moving [28]; catching and throwing over the crossbar [60, 61]
 e. Tackling One-on-one tackling drill in a 10-m grid proficiency assessed using standardised technical criteria [23]
 f. Draw and pass Single- and dual-task draw and pass assessment test [23]
 g. Pattern recall and prediction Pattern recall and prediction test [23]