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Table 1 PICO table

From: A critical evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions for improving the well-being of caregivers of children with cerebral palsy: a systematic review protocol

Population Interventions Comparison Outcomes
  Intervention category Example(s)   Example(s) outcome(s) Example(s) of outcome measures
• Primary caregivers
• Informal/unpaid caregivers
• 18 years and above
Psychosocial Counselling Non-exposed controls Caregiver burden/caregiver strain 1. Caregiver strain index
2. Caregiver burden scale
  Psychosocial Group therapy sessions Caregivers of healthy children HRQoL 1. EQ-5D
2. SF-36
  Psychosocial Cognitive behavioral techniques Caregivers of children with minor illness Depression Becky depression scale
  Psychosocial Cognitive behavioral techniques   Anxiety Hospital anxiety and depression scale (HADS)
  Psychosocial Cognitive behavioral techniques   Self-efficacy General self-efficacy scale
General perceived self-efficacy scale
  Educational Oral lectures   Knowledge/information on cerebral palsy Knowledge of cerebral palsy questionnaire
  Physical activity Exercise classes   Physical health levels Borg scale