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Table 2 Initial research traditions

From: Clearing the air: protocol for a systematic meta-narrative review on the harms and benefits of e-cigarettes and vapour devices

Discipline/tradition Areas of research and evidence
Addiction Addictiveness, dual use, progression to tobacco use (“gateway’)
Cessation Cessation trials, unassisted cessation, reduction, population quit rates
Clinical practice Position statements, clinician education, surveys of clinicians
Cytotoxicology Testing of vapour and liquids
Environmental toxicology Second-hand vapour testing, impacts on ecology (waste products)
Epidemiology Prevalence
Industry Advertising and trade practices, Big Tobacco, structure (market, internet sales, vape shops), products (invention, development)
Law Briefings on regulation, regulatory status, regulatory process
Physiology Effects of use on the body, effects of second-hand exposure, nicotine delivery
Poison control Accidental and intentional poisoning
Product safety Device safety evaluation, liquid contamination, nicotine content, labeling
Sociology User beliefs and behaviours, public opinion
Tobacco control Regulation as tobacco, impacts on tobacco control (“renormalization”), intra-disciplinary contestation
Toxicology Vapour composition