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Fig. 7

From: SWIFT-Review: a text-mining workbench for systematic review

Fig. 7

Interactively exploring arsenic in the EDC scoping report in SWIFT-Review. This example shows a pie chart survey of health outcomes represented among the 2400 studies on arsenic with a MeSH disease code. In this pie chart, studies lacking a MeSH disease code are not displayed (9553 of the 11,953 documents retrieved for arsenic) and documents may appear in multiple health outcome categories. Below the pie-chart is a list of 1342 documents relevant to “arsenic and neoplasms”. Inset Using the interactive browser, users can “drill down” to further explore documents in a specific area, e.g., arsenic and neoplasms, based on other tags such as evidence stream (human, animal, in vitro)

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