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Table 2 Data abstraction fields

From: Economic evidence for the prevention and treatment of atopic eczema: a protocol for a systematic review

General information  
 Review ID  
 Author, year  
 Date of review  
 Publication type  
Population and setting  
 Type of study  
 Stated type of economic analysis  
 Actual type of economic analysis (if different)  
 Country of study  
 Study setting  
 Study size  
 Method of recruitment  
 Recruitment time period  
 Inclusion criteria  
 Exclusion criteria  
Study design  
 Primary intervention  
 Secondary intervention(s)  
 Time horizon (for follow-up)  
 Outcomes measure (1)  
 Method of measurement (1)  
 Outcome measure (2)  
 Method of measurement (2)  
 Outcome measure (3)  
 Method of measurement (3)  
 Secondary outcome measure(s)  
 Method of measurement(s)  
 For utility studies: what value set or direct method of measurement has been used?  
 Timing of measurements  
 Discount rate, outcomes  
 Method of dealing with missing data—outcomes  
Resource and cost information  
 Cost perspective  
 Intervention costs  
 Direct cost items  
 Method of capturing direct cost items  
 Direct cost data sources  
 Indirect cost items  
 Method of capturing indirect cost items  
 Indirect cost data sources  
 Resource items collected  
 Resource use, recall period  
 Method of dealing with missing data—cost  
 Price year  
 Inflation rate, cost  
 Discount rate, cost  
 Resource use and costs  
 Reported cost effectiveness  
 Appropriateness of ICER  
 Sensitivity analysis  
 Major result(s)  
 Funding source  
Model specific information  
 Type of decision analytic model  
 Model perspective  
 Model population  
 Cohort or individual?  
 Model assumptions  
 Model exclusions  
 Method for dividing disease severity  
 Distinction between body/face eczema?  
 Interventions included  
 Time horizon  
 Cycle length  
 Value of any parameters used  
 Source of parameters  
 Software used for model  
 Type of sensitivity analysis performed  
 Method of model validation  
 Author specified limitations