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Table 3 Example of charting

From: The magnitude and mechanisms of the weekend effect in hospital admissions: A protocol for a mixed methods review incorporating a systematic review and framework synthesis

Chart 1: Staffing 1.1 Which staff, why 1.2 Staff levels 1.3 Role in preventing weekend effect 1.4 Views on safe levels of staffing 1.5 Impact of low staffing levels
Case 1 (reference) Nurses—page no. Ratios for safe care at weekends Act as key knowledge keeper—vital in handover of information on discharge Needs to be more ….  
Case 2 (reference) Doctors Rotas Trainees tend to be more in evidence at weekends = lack of expertise available   Patients rushed to intensive care as no one to provide review when required
Case 3 (Reference) Phlebotomists Nonexistent Delays in handover of care and discharge Rotas need adjusting to include more staff