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Table 1 Search strategy used in CENTRAL database

From: Acupuncture for chronic neck pain: a protocol for an updated systematic review

Number Search terms
1 MeSH descriptor: [chronic neck pain] explode all trees
2 ((neck muscles) or (cervical plexus) or (cervical vertebrae) or (Atlanto-Axial Joint) or (atlanto-occipital joint) or (spinal nerve roots) or (brachial plexus)):ti, ab, kw
3 or 1–2
4 MeSH descriptor: [acupuncture] explode all trees
5 MeSH descriptor: [acupuncture therapy] explode all trees
6 ((manual acupuncture) or (manual next acupuncture*) or (electroacupuncture) or (electro next acupuncture*) or (scalp acupuncture*) or (scalp next acupuncture*)):ti, ab, kw
7 or 4–6
8 MeSH descriptor: [randomized controlled trial] explode all trees
9 ((random) or (clinical trial*) or (clinical next trial*) or (controlled clinical trial) or (controlled next clinical trial*)):ti, ab, kw
10 or 8–9
11 3 and 7 and 10
  1. This search strategy will be modified as required for other electronic databases