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Table 8 Towards a research agenda

From: Searching for qualitative research for inclusion in systematic reviews: a structured methodological review

Component Research priorities
Sampling Comparison of yields from exhaustive versus comprehensive sampling [32]. Informed matching of sampling to search methods to synthesis approaches
Sources Audits of relative yield [77]
Structured questions Exploration of techniques for automated document clustering to provide initial overview of available evidence across a broad range of topic areas [140, 141]
Search procedures More empirical testing of different approaches to searching [142, 143]. Exploration of iterative and theory-based approaches [41]
Search strategies and filters Ongoing rigorous development of methodological filters comparing parsimonious and exhaustive lists. Filters for different qualitative study types [34], process evaluations and mixed methods studies [21, 44]. Search strategies by discipline (e.g. social work), by application (e.g. patient satisfaction) or for theories
Supplementary strategies Audits and evaluations of relative yield [16]
Standards Development of consensual reporting standards for QES iterative search approaches; audits of reporting standards generally and for specific methods; standards to handle [39, 84]