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Table 2 Search limits

From: To what extent do site-based training, mentoring, and operational research improve district health system management and leadership in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review protocol

Study designs ((((((((((((((“evaluation”[All Fields]) OR realist[All Fields]) OR “Program Evaluation”[Mesh]) OR “Evaluation Studies” [Publication Type]) OR “cohort studies”[MeSH Terms]) OR (“Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care)”[Mesh])) OR Evalu*) OR interview) OR Qualitative) OR “Qualitative Research” [Mesh]) OR Randomized Controlled Trial [Publication Type]) OR Random*) OR Randomly [tiab]) OR Randomized controlled trial [pt]) OR Interrupted Time Series Analysis
Publication types Grey literature will not be reviewed
Date of publication From 1978a
Language English, French, Arabic and Spanish
Other limits Filter humans
  1. aReviewers and content experts will review all the articles that have been published after the Alma Ata declaration (1978) fostering the role of primary healthcare