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Table 3 Search strategy. Database: PubMed (all database searches use the same search strategy). Search date: November 9, 2015

From: Nonpharmacologic, nonherbal management of menopause-associated vasomotor symptoms: an umbrella systematic review (protocol)

Search Query Items found
#1 Search "Menopause"[Mesh] OR menopaus*[tiab] OR "Climacteric"[Mesh:NoExp] OR "Hot Flashes"[Mesh] OR peri-menopaus*[tiab] OR perimenopaus*[tiab] OR postmenopaus*[tiab] OR post-menopaus*[tiab] OR climacteric*[tiab] OR hot-flash*[tiab] OR hot flash*[tiab] OR hot-flush*[tiab] OR hot flush*[tiab] OR night sweat*[tiab] OR vasomotor symptom*[tiab] 91,908
#2 Search systematic[sb] OR "Systematic Review"[tiab] OR "Umbrella Review"[tiab] OR meta-analysis[tiab] OR "meta analysis"[tiab] 280,172
#3 Search #1 AND #2 2771
#4 Search "Acupuncture Therapy"[Mesh] OR "Acupuncture"[Mesh] OR "Acupressure"[Mesh] OR "acupuncture"[tiab] OR "acupressure"[tiab] OR "electroacupuncture"[tiab] 23,260
#5 Search #3 AND #4 45
#6 Search "Mind-Body Therapies"[Mesh: NoExp] OR "Mind-Body Therapy"[tiab] OR "Mind Body Therapy"[tiab] OR "Mind-Body Therapies"[tiab] OR "Mind Body Therapies"[tiab] OR "Mind Body Medicine"[tiab] OR "Breathing Exercises"[Mesh] OR "Breathing Exercise"[tiab] OR "Breathing Exercises"[tiab] OR "Respiratory Muscle Training"[tiab] OR "Imagery (Psychotherapy)"[Mesh] OR "Guided Imagery"[tiab] OR "Meditation"[Mesh] OR "Meditation"[tiab] OR "Relaxation Therapy"[Mesh] OR "Relaxation Therapy"[tiab] OR "Relaxation Techniques"[tiab] OR "Relaxation Technique"[tiab] OR "Alexander Technique"[tiab] OR "Mind-Body Relations, Metaphysical"[Mesh] OR "Mindfulness"[Mesh] OR "Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction"[tiab] OR "MBSR"[tiab] OR "paced respiration"[tiab] OR "Hypnosis"[Mesh] OR "Hypnosis"[tiab] OR "Hynotism"[tiab] OR "Hypnotherapy"[tiab] OR "Hynotherapies"[tiab] OR "Mesmerism"[tiab] 16,823
#7 Search #3 AND #6 16
#8 Search "Yoga"[Mesh] OR "Yoga"[tiab] OR "Tai Ji"[Mesh] OR "Tai Ji"[tiab] OR "Tai-ji"[tiab] OR "Tai Chi"[tiab] OR "T'ai Chi"[tiab] OR "Taiji"[tiab] OR "Taijiquan"[tiab] OR "Qi Gong"[tiab] OR "Qigong"[tiab] OR "Ch'I Kung"[tiab] 4440
#9 Search #3 AND #8 22
#10 Search "Exercise"[Mesh:NoExp] OR "Exercise"[Majr] OR "Circuit-Based Exercise"[Mesh] OR "Muscle Stretching Exercises"[Mesh] OR "Physical Conditioning, Human"[Mesh] OR "Resistance Training"[Mesh] OR "Resistance Training"[tiab] OR "Running"[Mesh] OR "Jogging"[Mesh] OR "Swimming"[Mesh] OR "Walking"[Mesh] OR "Exercise"[tiab] OR "Exercises"[tiab] OR "physical activity"[tiab] OR "aerobic activity"[tiab] OR "Exercise Movement Techniques"[Mesh] OR "Sports"[Mesh] 378,950
#11 Search #3 AND #10 204
#12 Search #5 OR #7 OR #9 OR #11 247
#13 Search (#12) AND ("2009/01/01"[Date – Publication] : "3000"[Date – Publication]) 132
#14 Search #13 AND "English"[lang] 123