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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Insertion torque recordings for the diagnosis of contact between orthodontic mini-implants and dental roots: a systematic review

Authors Participants type, number, age, and sex Research design and compared treatment groups Consecutively treated participants Power calculation
Motoyoshi et al. [6] Self-drilling group
13 males and 28 females
age 22.3 ± 7.9 years
Non-randomized study
Self-drilling group
Pre-drilling group
Not reported Not reported
Pre-drilling group
11 males and 27 females
age 23.6 ± 8.1 years
Chen et al. [84] 6 mongrel dogs 13–15 months Split mouth design Yes Not reported
Sex was not reported Semi mandibles with root contact
Semi mandible without root contact
Brisceno et al. [25] 7 male Beagle dogs 20–24 months old Split mouth design
6 weeks of healing after root contact
12 weeks of healing after root contact
Yes Not reported
Wilmes et al. [33] 11 pig cadaver mandibles
Age, and sex were not reported
Non-randomized study
Random insertion of implants
Not applicable Not reported
McEwan [32] Pig cadaver mandibles
Number, age, and sex were not reported
Non-randomized study
Implants with root contact
Implants without root contact
Implants with root penetration
Not applicable Yes
  1. All data in this table represent those reported in the original manuscript. Additional data obtained through our protocol for ‘Contacting authors’ are not included in this table