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Table 2 Phases of realist review

From: Interventions that support the creation of dementia friendly environments in health care: protocol for a realist review

Phase 1
 • Defining the scope of the review: concept mining and theory development
  ◦ Interviews with stakeholders
  ◦ Scoping the literature
  ◦ Mapping key programme theories
  ◦ Prioritising key programme theories
Phase 2
 • Search for primary studies
  ◦ Defining search terms
  ◦ Search strategy
  ◦ Study screening
 • Selection and appraisal of documents
  ◦ Inclusion and exclusion criteria
 • Data extraction
Phase 3
 • Analysis and synthesis
 • Dissemination
  ◦ Expert steering group
  ◦ Additional dissemination methods