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Table 2 Selected example of potential measures for ICU capacity strain across domains

From: Quality and performance measures of strain on intensive care capacity: a protocol for a systematic review

Domain Measure
Patient/family level Avoidable delay to ICU admission
Mortality rate
Health-related quality of life among survivors
Incident disability among survivors
Family present on ICU rounds
Time to patient/family conference after admission
Goals of care discussion/documentation
Family satisfaction
Sedation interruption
Time to extubation after weaning
Early mobilization
ICU level ICU census
ICU occupancy
Admission ICU census
Illness severity-adjusted ICU census
Ventilator-adjusted ICU census
Avoidable bed days
After-hours discharge rate/premature discharge rate
Unplanned ICU readmission rate
Avoidable adverse events
Medication error rate
Duration of inter-disciplinary rounds per patient
Nurse to patient ratio
ICU average TISS (workload)
Respiratory therapist to ventilated patient ratio
Health system/human capital level Fixed/variable health care costs
ICU length of stay
Hospital lengths of stay
Absenteeism rate
Personnel turnover rate
Provider job satisfaction
Ambulance queue in the ED
Elective surgery postponement
  1. ICU intensive care unit, TISS therapeutic intervention scoring system, ED emergency department