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Table 1 Sample conceptual framework of measures of ICU capacity strain

From: Quality and performance measures of strain on intensive care capacity: a protocol for a systematic review

Health care quality dimension Structure Process Outcome
Safe Nurse to patient ratio ICU-averaged TISS score Adverse event rate
Effective ICU census Delay to ICU admission rate Adverse event rate
Mortality rate
Efficient ICU discharge protocol After-hours discharge rate Unplanned ICU readmission rate
Equity GOC designation GOC discussion documentation Refusal rate
Family satisfaction
Patient-centered Family present at ICU bedside rounds Time to family conference after admission HRQL
Family satisfaction
Timely ICU bed occupancy Queuing
Avoidable ICU bed days
Adverse event rate
Mortality rate
  1. ICU intensive care unit, TISS therapeutic intervention scoring system, GOC goals of care, intensity, HRQL health-related quality of life