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Table 1 RE-AIM indicators by dimension

From: Fidelity to and comparative results across behavioral interventions evaluated through the RE-AIM framework: a systematic review

Dimension Indicators
Reach Method to identify target population
Inclusion criteria
Exclusion criteria
Participation rate
Effectiveness Results for at least one follow-up
Intent-to-treat analysis utilized
Quality-of-life or potential negative outcomes
Moderation analysis
Percent attrition
Maintenance: individual Assessed outcomes ≥6 months post intervention
Qualitative measure of individual-level maintenance
Measures of cost of maintenance
Adoption Description of intervention location
Description of staff who delivered intervention
Method to identify staff who delivered intervention (target delivery agent)
Level of expertise of delivery agent
Inclusion/exclusion criteria of delivery agent or setting
Adoption rate of delivery agent or setting
Implementation Intervention duration and frequency
Extent protocol delivered as intended
Measures of cost of implementation
Maintenance: organizational Indicators of program-level maintenance
Alignment with organizational mission
Measures of cost of maintenance