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Table 1 Case study review eligibility criteria

From: Applying systematic review search methods to the grey literature: a case study examining guidelines for school-based breakfast programs in Canada

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Published by a government or NGO at either the federal or provincial/territorial (P/T) level within Canada Published outside of Canada
Published by an organization at the school board, public health unit, municipal, or regional levels
Available in English Unavailable in English
Most current version of the document Document was a draft or summary version or has been replaced with another document
Intended for school administrators/meal program coordinator at Canadian elementary or secondary schools Primarily intended for a student or parent/guardian audiences
Included standards or guidelines for school-based breakfast programs in at least two of the following areas: food safety, nutrition, program delivery, or community partnerships Did not contain considerations for breakfast programs
Described breakfast events/programs in daycare or community settings
Only described nutrition guidelines for schools without specific breakfast program-related considerations were excluded
Merely provided resources from external groups as an appendix
Breakfast program was described as any program that involves the provision of breakfast or a mid-morning snack to students in a school setting or nearby (e.g. neighbouring church or community centre) for students at little to no cost Newsletters, news releases, or memorandums