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Table 2 Search strategy

From: Epidemiology of hepatitis A virus in Africa among persons aged 1–10 years: a systematic review protocol

Query number Search term
#1 hepatitis a[MeSH Terms] OR “hepatitis a”[All Fields]
#2 (((((((“hepatitis a virus”[MeSH Terms] OR “hepatitis a virus”[All Fields]) OR (“hepatitis a”[MeSH Terms] OR “hepatitis a”[All Fields] OR (“infectious”[All Fields] AND “hepatitis”[All Fields]) OR “infectious hepatitis”[All Fields])) OR ((“virology”[MeSH Terms] OR “virology”[All Fields] OR “viral”[All Fields]) AND (“hepatitis”[MeSH Terms] OR “hepatitis”[All Fields] OR “hepatitis a”[MeSH Terms] OR “hepatitis a”[All Fields]))) OR (“hepatitis a virus”[MeSH Terms] OR “hepatitis a virus”[All Fields] OR “hav”[All Fields])) NOT (“hepatitis b”[MeSH Terms] OR “hepatitis b”[All Fields])) NOT (“hepatitis c”[MeSH Terms] OR “hepatitis c”[All Fields] OR “hepacivirus”[MeSH Terms] OR “hepacivirus”[All Fields])) NOT (“hepatitis d”[MeSH Terms] OR “hepatitis d”[All Fields])) NOT (“hepatitis e”[MeSH Terms] OR “hepatitis e”[All Fields])
#3 #1 OR #2
#4 ((((“seroepidemiologic studies”[MeSH Terms] OR (“seroepidemiologic”[All Fields] AND “studies”[All Fields]) OR “seroepidemiologic studies”[All Fields] OR “seroprevalence”[All Fields]) OR (“epidemiology”[Subheading] OR “epidemiology”[All Fields] OR “epidemiology”[MeSH Terms])) OR (“epidemiology”[Subheading] OR “epidemiology”[All Fields] OR “prevalence”[All Fields] OR “prevalence”[MeSH Terms])) OR (“epidemiology”[Subheading] OR “epidemiology”[All Fields] OR “incidence”[All Fields] OR “incidence”[MeSH Terms])) OR burden[All Fields]
#5 #3 AND #4
#6 (africa[tw] OR africa’[tw] OR africa’s[tw] OR africa1[tw] OR africa2[tw] OR africaans[tw] OR africacollaborations[tw] OR africae[tw] OR africaeaustralis[tw] OR africahiv[tw] OR africaid[tw] OR africaid’s[tw] OR africain[tw] OR africaine[tw] OR africaine’s[tw] OR africaines[tw] OR africains[tw] OR africal[tw] OR africam[tw] OR africamum[tw] OR african[tw] OR african’[tw] OR african”[tw] OR african’s[tw] OR african1[tw] OR african2[tw] OR africana[tw] OR africanae[tw] OR africanalleles[tw] OR africanamerican[tw] OR africanan[tw] OR africanane[tw] OR africananes[tw] OR africanasian[tw] OR africanastrongylus[tw] OR africancalotropis[tw] OR africander[tw] OR africanders[tw] OR africane[tw] OR africanendemic[tw] OR africanene[tw] OR africanenes[tw] OR africanensis[tw] OR africanenvironment[tw] OR africaner[tw] OR africanes[tw] OR africani[tw] OR africanised[tw] OR africanism[tw] OR africanist[tw] OR africanists[tw] OR africanity[tw] OR africanium[tw] OR africanizada[tw] OR africanization[tw] OR africanization’[tw] OR africanize[tw] OR africanized[tw] OR africanized’[tw] OR africanizing[tw] OR africanjournal[tw] OR africannum[tw] OR africano[tw] OR africanoides[tw] OR africanol[tw] OR africanos[tw] OR africanoside[tw] OR africanpatients[tw] OR africanpiper[tw] OR africans[tw] OR africans’[tw] OR africanton[tw] OR africantrinervitermes[tw] OR africantriol[tw] OR africanum[tw] OR africanum’[tw] OR africanumsp[tw] OR africanumt[tw] OR africanus[tw] OR africanus’[tw] OR africanusgen[tw] OR africanz[tw] OR africare[tw] OR africarice[tw] OR africas[tw] OR africasia[tw] OR africative[tw]) OR Algeria[tw] OR Angola[tw] OR Benin[tw] OR Botswana[tw] OR Burundi[tw] OR Cameroon[tw] OR Chad[tw] OR Comoros[tw] OR Congo[tw] OR Djibouti[tw] OR Egypt[tw] OR Eritrea[tw] OR Ethiopia[tw] OR Gabon[tw] OR Gambia[tw] OR Ghana[tw] OR Guinea[tw] OR Jamahiriya[tw] OR Jamahiriya[tw] OR Kenya[tw] OR Lesotho[tw] OR Liberia[tw] OR Libya[tw] OR Libya[tw] OR Madagascar[tw] OR Malawi[tw] OR Mali[tw] OR Mauritania[tw] OR Mauritius[tw] OR Mayotte[tw] OR Morocco[tw] OR Mozambique[tw] OR Mozambique[tw] OR Namibia[tw] OR Niger[tw] OR Nigeria[tw] OR Principe[tw] OR Reunion[tw] OR Rwanda[tw] OR Senegal[tw] OR Seychelles[tw] OR Somalia[tw] OR Sudan[tw] OR Swaziland[tw] OR Tanzania[tw] OR Togo[tw] OR Tunisia[tw] OR Uganda[tw] OR Zaire[tw] OR Zambia[tw] OR Zimbabwe[tw]
#7 #5 AND #6
#8 2005/01/01[PDAT] : “2015/05/31”[PDAT]
#9 #7 AND #8
#10 AND “humans”[MeSH Terms]
#11 #9 AND #10