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Table 1 Electronic database search strategies

From: Diagnostic accuracy of fine needle aspiration biopsy for detection of malignancy in pediatric thyroid nodules: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis

  Ovid MEDLINE, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, PubMed, Evidence-Based Medicine reviews Ovid EMBASE
Search filter MeSH terms Text words Emtree terms Text words
Thyroid Thyroid gland, thyroid nodule, thyroid neoplasm, Thyroid* Thyroid gland, thyroid nodule, thyroid tumor, thyroid carcinoma, thyroid cancer Thyroid*
Biopsy Biopsy; biopsy, fine-needle; biopsy, needle; image-guided biopsy; biopsy, large-core needle; FNA, core needle biopsy, biopsy*, aspirat*, core, needle, cytology Needle biopsy, biopsy, image guided biopsy, biopsy needle, large core needle biopsy, tumor biopsy, biopsy technique, fine biopsy needle, core biopsy needle, fine needle aspiration biopsy Fna, core needle biopsy, biops* aspirat*, core, needle, cytology
Pediatric Pediatrics, adolescent, child Adol*, child*, ped*, paed* Pediatrics, adolescent, child Adol*, child* ped* paed*
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