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Table 1 Validated generic and symptom-specific scales for the review

From: Comparison of physical interventions, behavioral interventions, natural health products, and pharmacologics to manage hot flashes in patients with breast or prostate cancer: protocol for a systematic review incorporating network meta-analyses

Outcome Related validated scales for data collection
Hot flash severity Scores with subscale for hot flashes severity
 The Greene Climacteric Score
 Hot Flash Daily Related Interference Scale (HFDRIS)
 Menopause Rating Scale (MRS)
 The Mayo Clinic Hot flash Index
Generic quality of life  EURO-QOL Linear Rating Scale
 Hot Flash Daily Related Interference Scale (HFDRIS)
 Menopause Specific Quality of Life Questionnaire (MENQOL) (also the modified version)
 SF-12 Health Survey
 SF-36 Health Survey
 The Psychological General Well-Being Index (PGWBI)
 The Greene Climacteric Score
 Menopause Rating Scale (MRS)
Depression symptoms Scores with subscale for depression
 Menopause Rating Scale (MRS)
 The profile of mood state (POMS)
 Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D)
 Hamilton Depression Rating Scale
 Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Rating Scale
 The Primary Care Evaluation of Mental Disorders (PRIME-MD)
 Beck depression inventory-II (BDI-II)
 Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) (9-PHQ, and 2-PHQ self reported versions)
 Raskin Depression Rating Scale
Sleep quality symptoms Scores with subscale for insomnia
 Menopause Rating Scale (MRS)
 Insomnia Severity Index (ISI)
 Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index
 Epworth Sleepiness Scale
 Basic Nordic Sleep Questionnaire (BNSQ)
 Stanford Sleepiness Scale
 Brief Insomnia Questionnaire
  1. Validated scales of relevance related to hot flash severity, frequency, and other outcomes of interested identified by participating experts as possibly arising in studies relevant to the review are shown. If additional validated scales arise during data collection, these will also be included