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Table 1 Well-being constructs across key theories

From: Systematic review protocol of interventions to improve the psychological well-being of general practitioners

Element of well-being Diener 2010 [17] Huppert 2013 [18] Seligman 2012 [19] Tennant 2007 [20]
Self-acceptance Yes Yes   Yes
Competence Yes Yes   Yes
Relationships Yes Yes Yes Yes
Presence of positive affect Yes Yes Yes Yes
Meaning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optimism Yes Yes   Yes
Engagement Yes Yes Yes  
Contribution to well-being of others Yes    Yes
Purpose in life Yes    
Absence of negative affect Yes    
Life satisfaction Yes    
Emotional stability   Yes   
Resilience   Yes   
Vitality/energy   Yes   Yes
Accomplishment    Yes  
Cheerfulness     Yes
Relaxation     Yes
Clear thinking     Yes
Personal development     Yes
Autonomy     Yes