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Table 2 Data extraction variables

From: Risk factors for hospital re-presentation among older adults following fragility fractures: protocol for a systematic review

Content Variable(s)
General study information • Author
• Date of publication
• Country
• Study time period
• Other
Study design • Prospective or retrospective cohort or RCT, non-randomised trial
Inclusion and exclusion criteria • Population
• Sample size
• Patient characteristics (e.g. age, gender)
• Disease characteristics
Risk factors/Correlates • Patient factors (comorbidities)
• Clinical (surgical, ASA score, medications)
• Hospital (tertiary/secondary, LOS, admission type, reason for initial hospital visit, ward type)
• Other
Primary outcome • Re-presentation details
• Number of re-presentations
• Reason for re-presentations
• Re-presentation rate
• Time of re-presentations (time between initial hospital visit and re-presentation )
• Other
Patient outcome • Complications
• Mortality
• Functional independence (FIM)
• Health-related quality of life (HRQOL)
Statistical analysis • Analysis conducted
• Results reported