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Table 1 Search syntaxes

From: Risk factors for hospital re-presentation among older adults following fragility fractures: protocol for a systematic review

Database Search syntax
PubMed (fracture[MeSH Terms]) AND (((readmi* or rehosp* or re-admi* or re-hosp* or re-presentation)) OR "Patient Readmission"[Mesh]) Filters: Aged: 65+ years
CINAHL "fracture* AND ( readmi* or rehosp* or re-admi* or re-hosp* or re-presentation) Age Groups: Aged: 65+ year
Embase 'fracture'/exp and ( readmi* or rehosp* or re-admission or re-hospitalisation or re-hospitalisation or re-presentation) AND ([aged]/lim OR [very elderly]/lim)
Scopus ABS fracture* AND ( readmi* OR rehosp* OR re-admission OR re-hospitalisation OR re-hospitalisation or re-presentation) AND ( aged OR elderly OR geriatric OR old* )