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Table 1 Data extraction categories

From: Out-of-hours discharge from intensive care, in-hospital mortality and intensive care readmission rates: a systematic review protocol

Patients/population Age, sex, surgical status (elective, emergency, none), severity of illness assessment. Availability of high-dependency care within ICU or in discrete unit, ICU type
Assessment of occupancy
Assessment of premature discharge
Intervention Proportion discharged ‘in-hours’. Definition of in-hours
Discharge destination (level of subsequent care)
Proportion of discharges deemed ‘premature’
Comparison Proportion discharged ‘out-of-hours’. Definition of out-of-hours
Discharge destination (level of subsequent care)
Outcome assessment Mortality associated with out-of-hours discharge
Data source for mortality
Coding of palliative care patients
Missing data
Readmission rate
Data source for readmission rate associated with out-of-hours discharge
Severity score assessment of in-hours versus out-of-hours groups
Study Study design, number of sites, authors, publication year, country, duration
Primary endpoint (where stated) or main focus (time of discharge versus factors associated with outcome post-discharge, other)
Quality assessment ACROBAT-NRSI criteria
Sources of participants
Follow-up time
Completeness of data
Adjustment for potential confounders
Further subjective assessment in relation to heterogeneity of studies
Method of severity of illness assessment
Method of risk adjustment
Risk-adjusted results