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Table 1 Data that was extracted from included Cochrane reviews

From: Towards core outcome set (COS) development: a follow-up descriptive survey of outcomes in Cochrane reviews

• The number of included studies in the review
• The outcomes specified in the methods section of the review
• The outcomes reported in the findings section of the review (either narratively, numerically (e.g. using a risk ratio, odd ratio, risk difference) or in the meta-analysis)
• Possible reasons for not reporting an outcome in the review, for example when an outcome specified in the review had not been examined or reported in the studies included in that review
• Additional outcomes that were reported but that had not been specified in the methods section
• Inclusion of a SoF table in the review
• The number of outcomes in the SoF table (if applicable)
• The quality of evidence (GRADE) for the outcomes in the SoF table (if applicable)a
  1. aIf outcomes presented at more than one follow-up time point or for more than one comparison had different quality grades (which was the case in 24 SoF tables), the lowest quality grade was counted for that outcome