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Table 1 Frequency of main purpose of included studies

From: Factors that influence the recognition, reporting and resolution of incidents related to medical devices and other healthcare technologies: a systematic review

Main purpose Number of studies
Attitudes towards, barriers to, experience in, facilitators to and/or perceptions of adverse event, error and incident reporting 15 [15,18,20,22,23,26-29,31,32,35,37,38,42]
Description of causes and health consequences and/or effectiveness of prevention strategies for adverse events 3 [19,21,44]
Hospital staff’s attitude towards, knowledge of and/or behaviour in medical errors 2 [36,43]
Perception of patient safety culture among hospital staff 2 [39,40]
Error recovery strategies by healthcare providers 2 [16,34]
Impact of incident reporting system in surgery 1 [24]
Perceived effectiveness of incident reporting in mental health and acute care hospitals 1 [25]
Effectiveness of real and potential medical errors on healthcare providers 1 [17]
Effectiveness of improvement incident reporting strategies 1 [30]