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Table 1 Studies included in the systematic review of PCR techniques used for detecting of strawberry pathogens

From: PCR-based specific techniques used for detecting the most important pathogens on strawberry: a systematic review

Year First author Pathogen PCR method Sample preparation (long-term storage) Origin of culture Reference
1996 Sreenivasaprasad CA Conventional NG UK [73]
1996 Roberts XF Conventional + nested -70°C in 15% glycerol US [49]
1996 Pooler XF Multiplex NG US [47]
1997 Bonants PF Nested V8 oatmeal agar containing 50 ppm vancomycin/French bean agar at 4°C Scotland + Netherlands [45]
1997 Mahuku XF Nested -70°C in 25% glycerol Canada [50]
1997 Zhang XF Conventional NG US [74]
2002 Rigotti BC Conventional (Southern blot hybridization) NG Switzerland [22]
2004 Stöger XF Conventional NG Austria [16]
2004 Zimmermann XF Nested -20°C in 30% glycerol Germany [48]
2004 Bonants PF Nested + real-time (TaqMan, Mol. Beacon) + PCR-ELISA V8 agar at 11°C Netherlands [13]
2005 Suarez BC Real-time (TaqMan) Frozen plastic bag at -20°C UK [21]
2006 Ioos PF Conventional NG France [19]
2006 Drenth PF Conventional Freeze-dried at -70°C Australia [72]
2007 Weller XF Real-time (TaqMan) NG UK [51]
2008 Vandroemme XF Real-time (TaqMan) NG Belgium [18]
2008 Turechek XF Real-time (TaqMan) NG US [17]
2008 Pérez-Hernández CA Nested + conventional NG US [29]
2008 Kuchta VD Conventional Czapek-Dox Agar at 4°C Poland [46]
2009 Debode CA Real-time (TaqMan) NG Belgium [27]
2009 Garrido CA Conventional + real-time (TaqMan) Sterile water at 4°C Spain + UK [28]
2012 Bilodeau VD Multiplexed real-time (TaqMan) NG US [33]
2013 Suga FO Multiplex -80°C in 50% glycerol Japan [1]
  1. XF Xanthomonas fragariae, PF Phytophthora fragariae, BC Botrytis cinerea, VD Verticillium dahliae, FO Fusarium oxysporum, CA Colletotrichum acutatum, NG not given.