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Table 1 Overall inclusion and exclusion criteria for stages 1 and 2

From: Weight gain, overweight and obesity in solid organ transplantation—a study protocol for a systematic literature review

   Inclusion if Exclusion if
Language • Article reported in English, German, Dutch or French Yes No
Design • Original quantitative study design: Yes No
RCT, prospective and retrospective cohort, case-control, cross-sectional, mixed methods studies
(NOT: case reports, reviews, editorials, letter to the editor, qualitative research)
Population • First and single liver, heart, lung or kidney transplant candidates or recipients Yes No
(NOT: multi-organ or re-transplant)
• Patient age ≥18 years at transplantation
Content Studies examining at least one relevant topic: Yes No
• Changes in weight or BMI over time
• Risk factors or correlates associated with weight or BMI, overweight and obesity
• Relationship of weight or BMI with any post-transplant outcome and comorbidities
(NOT: studies reporting only a point prevalence)
Access • Full-text article accessible Yes No
  1. If a decision according to the title and abstract (stage 1) is not possible, include study for full-text reading (stage 2).
  2. RCT randomized controlled trial, BMI body mass index.