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Table 2 Inclusion selection form

From: Protocol for a systematic review of screening tools for fear of recurrent illness in common life-threatening diseases

Inclusion selection form
1. Paper number  
2. First author  
3. Reviewer  
Q1. Does the study report on the development of a screening tool used to screen for fear of recurrent illness? Yes ⎕ Go to Q2. No. Reject study.
Q2. Does the screening tool include > 3 items measuring fear of recurrent illness? Yes ⎕ Go to Q3. No. Reject study.
Q3. Is the population adult patients in cancer, stroke, asthma or acute coronary syndrome? Yes ⎕ Go to Q4. No. Reject study.
Q4. Is the study published in a peer-reviewed journal between 1946 - present? Yes ⎕ Retain study. No. Reject study.