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From: Preferred reporting items for systematic review and meta-analysis protocols (PRISMA-P) 2015 statement


Definition and objective

PROSPERO: International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews

An online portal through which to register the intention to conduct a systematic review, with health-related outcomes, before it is initiated [16]. One of the main goals of PROSPERO is to make the intent of systematic reviews known before they are conducted in order to reduce the unplanned duplication of systematic reviews [15]. In addition, by requiring the documentation of a priori methods, the register facilitates increased transparency in the review process by allowing readers of systematic reviews to compare methods, outcomes, and analyses carried out with those planned in advance and judge whether such changes impact the results of a review.

PRISMA-P: Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Protocols

A guideline to help authors prepare protocols for planned systematic reviews and meta-analyses that provides them with a minimum set of items to be included in the protocol. A protocol is intended to provide the rationale for the review and pre-planned methodological and analytic approach, prior to embarking on a review. Investigators should prepare a review protocol in advance of registering it in PROSPERO so that details requiring further consideration may be thought through in advance, avoiding the need for multiple amendments to registration information. PRISMA-P items have been derived largely from the PRISMA checklist and items of the PROSPERO register, in order to facilitate seamless registration.