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Table 2 Data extraction template items

From: Describing methods and interventions: a protocol for the systematic analysis of the perioperative quality improvement literature

Demographics Quality intervention (TIDieR parameters) QI method
Author, year, country, surgical speciality 1. Brief name 1. Sample size
2. Why (rationale for intervention) 2. Baseline measurement
3. What (materials used to apply the intervention) 3. Data collection schedule
4. Procedures (processes used in the intervention) 4. Data analysis (e.g. driver diagrams)
5. Who (who delivered the intervention, including level of training) 5. Data volume/duration (e.g. length of PDSA cycle)
6. How (mode of delivery: face to face, internet) 6. Explicit description of prediction of change
7. Where (location: emergency or elective, and primary or secondary care) 7. Missing data (and reasons given)
8. When and how much (duration, dose, intensity) 8. Description of generalizability
9. Tailoring (was the intervention planned to be personalised) 9. Adverse effects (on health care providers and resource utilisation)
10. Modifications (describe what, why, when and how modifications were made) 10. Presence and type of patient or stakeholder involvement (collaborative or consultative)
11. How well (strategies to improve or maintain compliance)
12. How well (outcome of compliance assessment)