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Table 1 Aspects of early economic evaluation and associated keywords used in the literature search

From: Early economic evaluation of emerging health technologies: protocol of a systematic review

Aspects of early economic evaluation Keywords
The objective is to examine the (likely) cost-effectiveness of the emerging technology (Like$ OR potential).tw. adj2 (effect$ OR safety OR cost-effect$ OR efficiency OR impact).tw. OR (effect$ adj2 gap).tw.
(earl$ OR iterative$ OR continu$ OR ongoing OR ‘on-going’ OR dynamic$ OR ex$ante OR pre$develop$ OR constructive).tw. adj3 (econom$ OR ‘health econom$’ OR pharmacoeconom$ OR analys$ OR evaluation OR frame$ OR approach$ OR assessment$ OR Bayesian OR ‘health technology assessment’ OR ‘technology assessment’).tw.
The evaluation is to provide decision support for different stakeholders involved in the development and diffusion of the emerging technology (‘early$stage’ OR earl$).tw. adj2 decision?.tw.
(priority adj2 set?).tw. OR adj2 (gate$ OR point$).tw.
(product$ adj2 development$).tw. OR (polic$ adj2 development$).tw.
(‘in-licens$’ OR ‘in licens$’ OR inlicens$).tw.
‘only in research’.tw. OR ‘only with research’.tw. OR ‘in the context of research’.tw. OR (cover$ adj2 evidence).tw.
((interim OR condition$ OR ((dependent OR dependant OR contingent) adj (upon OR on)) OR restrict$) adj2 (fund$ OR financed OR reimburse$ OR cover$ OR approv$ OR list$ OR access$ OR licens$ OR licenc$)).tw. OR ‘condition$ of coverage$’.tw. OR ‘condition$ of reimburse$’.tw. OR (pricing or commercialization).tw.
((investment? or marketing or promot$ or progress$ or advancement) adj2 (decision$ or incentive$ or inducement$ or uncertaint$ or incertitude$ or economic$)).tw.
‘go no-go’.tw. OR ‘go no go’.tw. OR ‘go\no-go’.tw. OR ‘go\no go’.tw. OR ‘go \ no-go’.tw. OR ‘go \ no go’.tw.
Limited supporting evidence for efficacy or effectiveness of the emerging technology ((earl$ OR scarc$ OR limit$ OR gap$ OR spars$ OR circumscrib$) adj2 (data OR evidence)).tw.
Trial adj2 (evidence OR data) adj3 (unavailable OR available OR exist)
((‘phase II’ or ‘phase I’ or ‘phase 1’ or ‘phase 2’) adj2 trial$).tw.(phase adj (‘1’ or ‘I’ or ‘II’ or ‘2’ or ‘IIa’ or ‘2a’)).tw.
(evidence$) adj2 development$).tw.
Early economic evaluation has an influence on the design and future performance of the emerging technology (‘research and development’ OR ‘R&D’).tw.
((earl$ or mid$ or develop$ or formative$ or determinative$ or decisiv$ or design$ or concept$ or investigation$) adj2 (phase? or process$ or stage? or ‘life cycle’ or ‘lifecycle’ or cycle?)).tw.
Evaluation is conducted at a very early or early stage in the development of the emerging technology ((emerging OR earl$ OR pilot OR pre$develop$ OR new$ OR novel OR nascent OR original OR groundbreaking OR ‘ground-breaking’ OR pioneer$ OR ‘cutting-edge’ OR ‘cutting edge’ OR ‘leading-edge’ OR ‘leading edge’ OR radical$ OR trailblaz$ OR trendset$ OR seminal$ OR innovati$ or unconvention$ OR innovate$ OR emergent OR constructive OR promising OR developing OR ‘recently introduced’) adj3 (technolog$ OR drug? OR treatment? OR intervention? OR pharmaceutical? OR device? OR diagnos$ OR screen$ OR therapeutic$ OR implement$ OR development? OR service)).tw.