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Table 1 Examples of tools used for the automation of evidence synthesis tasks

From: Systematic review automation technologies

Step Example application Description Limitations
Search Quick Clinical Federated meta-search engine Limited source databases not optimized for systematic reviews
Search Sherlock Search engine for trial registries Limited to
Search Metta Federated meta-search engine for SR Not available publicly
Snowballing ParsCit Reference string extraction from published papers Does not fetch nor recursively pursue citations
Screen titles and abstracts Abstrackr Machine learning -based abstract screening tool May reduce review recall by up to 5%
Extract data ExaCT PICO and other information element extraction from abstracts No association (e.g. of outcome with trial arm), results only available in HTML
Extract data WebPlotDigitizer Re-digitization of data from graphs and plots. No support for survival curves, no optical character recognition
Meta-analyze Meta-analyst Create a meta-analysis from extracted data Limited integration with data-extraction and conversion programs
Write-up RevMan-HAL Automatic summary write-up from extracted data. Only works with RevMan files
Write-up PRISMA Flow Diagram Generator Automatic generation of PRISMA diagrams Does not support some complex diagrams