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Table 1 Outcomes classified on objective or subjective criteria

From: Short message service (SMS) interventions for the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections: a systematic review protocol

Objective/semi-objective Subjective
Mortality Mental health outcomes
Suppression of HIV viral load Quality of life/functioning
Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) clearance Satisfaction with/Quality of care
STI re-infection Quality of communication
Withdrawals/drop-outs General physical health
Time to testing for an STI or HIV Adverse events
Time of symptom onset to seeking medical treatment (first time, recurrence) Continuation of condition
Time to uptake of diagnosis or treatment Cost-effectiveness
STI testing rates STI knowledge and behaviour
Correct clinical diagnosis or assessment Communication uptake regarding STIs
Improvement in condition (i.e. signs and symptoms) Feasibility of program delivery
Number and proportion of partners notified by short message service (SMS) Privacy impact/assessment
Cost savings/reduction Notification of test results
  Condom use