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Table 3 Items on data collection form for included articles

From: Micro-costing studies in the health and medical literature: protocol for a systematic review

1. Author
2. Year of publication
3. Journal name
4. Research topic and study questions
5. Disease category: disease name, disease classification based on International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) chapters (for example, infectious and parasitic diseases, neoplasms, diseases of the circulatory system, and so on)
6. Study intervention(s)
7. Comparator intervention(s)
8. Study population/patient characteristics: age, gender, race/ethnicity, inclusion of vulnerable population, and so on
9. Study setting
10. Country/jurisdiction
11. Sample size
12. Year(s) of study
13. Study perspective: societal, healthcare system, hospital, healthcare program, and so on
14. Time horizon
15. Discounting
16. Price year
17. Inflation adjustment
18. Currency
19. Currency conversion
20. Type of economic analysis: cost effectiveness analysis, cost utility analysis, cost benefit analysis, cost minimization analysis, cost comparison analysis, cost outcome description, cost of illness study, and so on
21. Study type and design: randomized clinical trial, observational study, decision analytic modeling, other economic modeling, and so on
22. Economic outcome(s)
23. Health outcome(s)
24. Methods used to define effectiveness and preferences
25. Cost components included: personnel costs, consumables/materials/supplies cost, medication cost, facility cost, transportation cost, productivity loss, and so on
26. Separate reporting of input utilization quantity and unit cost data
27. Method of quantity data collection: time-motion study, patient self-report, cost-accounting database, provider/staff interview, and so on
28. Method of unit cost data collection: invoice amount, hospital/clinic/provider price catalogue, national/regional/provincial/hospital/insurer fee schedule, human resources/payroll record, and so on
29. Study assumption(s)
30. Sensitivity analyses performed: stochastic (probabilistic) sensitivity analysis, deterministic sensitivity analysis, or no sensitivity analysis
31. Whether the study referred to its own methodology as micro-costing
32. Comparison with other economic evaluation
33. Funding source: industry sponsored study, non-profit funding sources, no funding, or not specified
34. Conflict of interest: yes, no, or not reported
35. Notes (please record any additional features of the study that deserve consideration when evaluating its quality)