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Table 2 Items on article screening form

From: Micro-costing studies in the health and medical literature: protocol for a systematic review

Phase 1 screening:  
  Full length article (yes/no)
  Original research article (yes/no)
  Economic evaluation (yes/no)
  Health- or healthcare-related (yes/no)
  Other reason for exclusion (yes/no, and if yes, specify the reason)
  All phase 1 screening criteria met (yes/no)
Phase 2 screening (if all phase 1 screening criteria are met):
  Costing methods clear (yes/no)
  Applied gross-costing (entirely gross-costing, partial gross-costing, no gross-costing, or not clear)
  Applied micro-costing (yes, no, or not clear)
  Extent of micro-costing (if micro-costing used): for example, whether micro-costing was used for the entire study or for part of the study
  Type of micro-costing (if micro-costing used): patient-level direct enumeration and unit cost of all inputs consumed; program-level direct enumeration and unit cost of all inputs consumed, then allocated to each participant; and so on.
  Applied other costing methods (yes, no, or not clear, and if yes, specify the methods used)
  Whether authors referred to their study as micro-costing (yes/no)
  Whether to include the article in final data extraction (yes/no)
  Any additional notes about this article